Data Center   

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Rendering of a BEC

Architectural design, design coordination, and construction documentation for technical control data center for the vessel. A significant main equipment center was required to support this private hospitality venue for large and small social events, with recreational and performance capabilities.

The system architecture for the technical infrastructure of the facility is structured around a number of hierarchical data centers and spaces. A central main equipment center is connected to a series of mid-size branch equipment rooms, and numerous local equipment racks and closets. The system included over eighty equipment racks distributed between the main, branch and local equipment centers. The local centers have electronic gear that allows staff and guest to interface with the different communications and entertainment equipment of the facility.

The technical systems include the typical subsystems of data network telecommunications, and security. The facility also included extensive distributed audio and video capability, professional audio recording and mixing space and specialized facility monitoring and control. The system included an array of over one hundred custom touch panel displays distributed throughout the facility that provide various levels of facility control and program source delivery.

(Identifiable photos withheld at owner's request.)