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James Davidson Architects is a full service architectural design studio with experience in residential, commercial, institutional, high-technology facilities, performing arts buildings, and multi-family residences. The scale of the firm’s work has ranged in size from the design of custom fabricated housings for small touch panel displays; custom private residences; master planning for multi-acre commercial and development projects; to work on complex institutional facilities over 900,000 square feet. The firm has worked on projects in various parts of the world including the Pacific Northwest, California, Europe and South Asia.

The firm routinely works on modest residential projects while at the same time working with large sophisticated clients, who have multiple property holdings, demanding operational constraints and complex technical requirements. This breadth of experience informs and invigorates all projects the office engages. The firm is known for its sensitive manipulation of materials and spaces, innovative design ideas, technical breadth and demand for open collaboration and organizational thoroughness.

A part of the firm’s work has been associated with large-scale institutional, residential and high tech facilities. These projects have been finely crafted buildings, often with high level finishes throughout. Frequently these facilities have dense low-voltage requirements for custom audio video, data network, security, telecommunication, and facility control systems. The firm has significant experience in designing interior finishes, casework, and furniture that accommodates sophisticated electronic devices. As a result of working on these unusual projects the firm has experience in designing for and coordinating with talented consultants and craftspeople from around the world.

The firm sees their technical and organizational capabilities as an armature and foundation to focus on their primary aspiration and mission to use design as a social, cultural and environmental endeavor.


Architectural Design Complete services from pre-design, programming and site selection through the development of the design to full construction management services.
Planning Project site and master planning, taking into account the forces of an urban context or the characteristics of the given natural and social landscape.
Furniture & Interior Design Design and fabrication management services for custom objects, furniture or interior installations.
Project Project Management & Technology Coordination Administrative and management services for the control of projects and the integration of technical disciplines in the design phase and installation coordination during construction.
Facility Management & Operations The firm has notable experience working with private entities and companies that have multiple facilities in various locations around the country.