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We view architecture and the built environment as social and cultural artifacts with great value. They can be shaped to nurture and enrich. Our desire is to be conscious of this capacity and pre-meditate a methodology to obtain such results.

We feel that architecture is not inherently benign. It makes a stand, it takes a position. Such a position, established over the elongated gestation of design and construction has social, economic, environmental and spiritual implications. We desire to have each built intervention touch all of these characteristics.

We are collaborative in practice and view owners as both clients and patrons. We strive to serve the client and urge the patron to support our cultural aspirations and intentions.

We embrace the craft which is part of the design process and seek to produce data, drawings and graphic artifacts that communicate clarity and insight to ourselves, our clients and those who construct our work. The firm views the manipulation and propagation of digital content to be fundamental to our contemporary modes of business transaction and construction processes, but we are keen to parse the essence of digital media and uncover what is substantively new and significant while avoiding the superficial and trite of the new media.